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La Petite Maison Sur Henry, is a circa 1900 victorian carriage house converted into a Parisian inspired cottage guest house. This house, in which was recently re-decorated, renovated and purchased in 2021 by owners Alyse and Alex Clavijo, wanted a place that still felt like home, but also gave you the vibes of being somewhere in the French country side. The french like simplicity and an effortless look, but also cozy and practical. 

What inspired this Parisian little guest house in the heart of Savannah, GA? Well, Alyse has a love for all things French. After visiting Paris, her love for the Parisian lifestyle only grew and she started to look more into the true interiors of the French countryside. The typical Farmhouse French look isn't what us American's think it is. It has an older Victorian inspired flair, mixed with a lot of wooden furniture and simplicity mixed with unique craftsmanship. The French believe in quality over quantity, so many of the homes aren't cluttered and have simple, but yet many statement pieces of furniture. 

Looking into Savannah's history, the French did contribute to Savannah's growth and it is stated that 1 in every 3 people spoke French in Savannah's earlier days. Though Savannah is also inspired with England due to England's reign and the way it helped to shape Savannah. France also played a role in some of the historical monotonies of this city. 

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